Who's the beholder?
  • treachreous:

    "….it’s like i’ve got this music in my mind saying it’s gonna be alright.”

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  • Maybe you won’t find a place where you fit in for a very long time, but you eventually will

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  • Kara’s reign of terror began in pre-school, when she went for Halloween as Osama Bin Laden. Every superhero and princess surrendered their candy to her.

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  • sweetslowsex:

    He’s holding is little hands like, “umm kind sir I’m back… i… is it ok if I get some more nuts? If not that’s ok I’m just hungry” 

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  • Dead people can be our heroes because they cant disappoint us later; they only improve over time, as we forget more and more about them.

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  • itfeelslikeoneofthosenights13:

    taylorswift ‘s costumes, you’re lying to yourself if you don’t think they’re pretty. And I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with Taylor’s clothes atyuetghckuhsa

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  • "Taylor Swift songs are meant to be sung aloud in the shower, danced around to in the middle of the street and cried to when you’re home alone with nothing but chocolate ice cream. But above all else, they’re supposed to speak to you."